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Refreshing your skills

If you no longer enjoy driving, or you feel less confident than when you were younger, now is the time to refresh your skills.

Refreshing your skills really can make all the difference as the law changes frequently and the roads will probably be very different now to how they were when you first passed your driving test.

North Yorkshire has more older drivers than virtually anywhere else in the country – as well as some of the most scenic but challenging roads. To help these drivers continue to enjoy their driving and stay mobile the County Council’s Road Safety department can help you organise a one hour refresher session.

Request a FREE Older Driver information pack:
This includes a copy of the highway code,  and a DVD that gives an idea of how the refresher drive scheme works. Retired TV presenter Andy Kluz takes advantage of the scheme to brush up on his skills with the help  of instructor Andrew Santon

Take a  1 hour refresher drive with an approved driving instructor:
This is done in the driving instructor’s car on roads that you are familiar with. The idea of the refresher drive is to allow the driving instructor to offer tips and advice on any concerns or worries you might have.

Call 01609 798120 or email 95alive@northyorks.gov.uk

What happens during a refresher drive?

If you are still not sure, watch this short clip of what you can typically expect during a refresher drive.