About us

The York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership is a partnership of local authorities, emergency services and other North Yorkshire agencies working together to educate, inform and train, with the aim of lowering the number of road casualties across the county of North Yorkshire.

For further information about the Partnership please contact 01609 780780 or email road.safety@northyorks.gov.uk

Partners are:

North Yorkshire County Council
North Yorkshire Police
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
City of York
Harrogate Borough Council
Scarborough Borough Council
Highways Agency
Yorkshire Ambulance Service
Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service

Our aim

Our aim is to reduce injury, disability and death caused by road collisions in North Yorkshire.

We aim to:

  • Improve the quality of life in North Yorkshire by reducing the economic and social impact of road collisions.
  • Meet the road safety objectives set by the DfT by changing attitudes and behaviour.
  • Increase the public’s awareness of road safety issues in North Yorkshire.
  • Work with parents to develop a co-ordinated road safety approach – bringing together the three components of:
    • education, training and publicity
    • traffic engineering
    • enforcement.

Our objectives

Formed in 2004, the partnership set out to achieve the following by the end of 2010

  • 40 percent reduction in fatal and serious road
  • casualties
  • 60 percent reduction in child road casualties
  • 10 percent reduction in slight casualty rates
  • Save and additional 95 lives

This target was exceeded and 126 lives had been saved by the end of March 2011. This success means the partnership decided to continue working together, with the aim of continuing to reduce casualties and collisions year on year.

Working in partnership

By working in partnership with North Yorkshire agencies we are able to devote more time and energy to trying to prevent people from being injured on the county’s roads.

With our many different partners, we have a great deal of experience and expertise that we believe, when pooled, is more valuable than working in isolation.

By bringing together the organisations who design our roads, road safety officers, the organisations that deal with road crashes and then those that treat the victims afterwards, we are able to more fully understand the big picture of a road crash, the after effects and the factors involved.

We aim to work together on a number of road safety campaigns to promote the consequences of key issues such as not wearing a seat belt, driver distraction and speeding as well as to focus on campaigns involving older drivers, children, young people and motorcyclists.