Older Drivers

Eyesight & hearing

It’s a known fact that eyesight and hearing deteriorate gradually with age; it can be so gradual that you don’t even notice. This could affect your ability and fitness to drive. Your eyes and ears are vital for safe driving. Learn more about how to spot the changes.

Medical conditions

Any medical condition, existing or new, which may affect your ability to drive safely, must be reported by you to the DVLA. The changes in the drug driving law in 2015 mean that many prescription drugs are now covered – are you affected?

Older driver roadshows

From time to time our team run roadshows across the county with our partners. We can also tailor these for a bigger or smaller audience. If you have an event coming up and you think this advice would be of interest, get in touch.

Refreshing your skills

Refreshing your skills really can make all the difference – the law changes frequently and the roads will probably be very different from how they were when you first passed your driving test. Full details of how to enrol onto our refresher scheme are available.

Renewing your driving licence

All drivers must renew their licence at the age of 70, and every three years thereafter. Renewing your licence doesn’t involve re-taking your test, it simply involves completing an application to the DVLA.  Find out what to do.

Older drivers tips & advice

Older drivers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the roads, but everyone needs advice at times. From driving in winter, to driving alone, and what to consider if you are thinking of giving up driving.

Tip of the month

October – Tip of the month

Speed limits are there for a reason:-

  1. When driving, a few miles per hour can mean the difference between life and death
  2. The faster someone drives, the less time they have to stop if something unexpected happens
  3. If you kill someone while speeding, you will have to live with the long-term emotional consequences