Advanced skills

Motorcycling is an enjoyable pastime and a good choice for commuting. However, it also brings with it a risk of injury in the event of a collision. Our analysis of the last ten years on motorcycle crashes suggests that on average every year, 70 percent of the crashes in north yorkshire are related to rider error, rather than errors made by other road users. In other words, mistakes by the rider that led to a crash.

Of these crashes, approximately half of the riders lost control and crashed on a bend, a quarter lost control and crashed while braking and a quarter lost control while going ahead (such as overtaking). These are mostly road craft or bike handling skill issues. Many of the riders involved in these crashes considered themselves to be experienced and safe motorcycle riders, with many miles ridden over a number of years.

Consider enhancing your skillset with some post-test training. Research suggests that riders who have completed an advanced riding course anticipate and react to hazards more quickly and appropriate than other riders. This included riders with many years’ experience.

Enhanced Rider Scheme

ERS is a scheme designed for fully licensed motorcyclists and it’s perfect for those who:

  • have just passed their test
  • are upgrading to a more powerful bike
  • are returning to biking after a break
  • simply want a health check on their riding or are thinking of going onto a higher level

ERS is tailored to your needs. You do as little or as much training as required; it concentrates on identifying weaknesses in key risk areas such as bend negotiation, overtaking, filtering, positioning and junctions. The trainer’s role is to help you to further develop your riding skills and reduce any risks.

  • If your riding is assessed as satisfactory, the process ends there and you will be issued an ERS certificate.
  • If training is needed, a rider development plan is devised that concentrates on the specific areas needing attention.
  • Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll receive a report and a DSA Certificate of Competence, which then qualifies you for an insurance discount!

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