Choose a car

Before buying a car ask yourself these questions:

  • How much money do you have to spend?
  • Do you have extra money to pay for your insurance and road tax?
  • What type of car do you want? Remember, cars with larger engines will cost you more in fuel.
  • What car would best suit your needs?
  • Where should you buy a new or second hand car?

With young drivers spending an average of £3,400 on their first car you need to think about what you are buying. If you go for a boy racer car that you hear well before you see, with blacked out windows, sound systems worth more than the car and huge spoilers, there’s a good chance that the car’s boy racer owner has already thrashed it.

You’ll also pay more for your insurance because of the modifications.

Get the newest and safest car you can afford. Make sure it has got decent seat belts, head restraints and airbags.

Even if you are buying a second-hand car you should go for a reasonably new one with some crash protection. Take a look at EuroNCAP  to see whether the car you’re looking at offers you any protection in a crash or whether it would simply crush on impact.

Make sure that you also check that the vehicle you’re thinking of buying hasn’t been reported stolen, involved in a crash or is still subject to finance. You can check this information by contacting HPI on 01722 422422 or by visiting For a small charge they will check the status of the car you’re buying.

When you’ve found the car you want don’t be taken for a ride. Click here to see our tips on buying a car.