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Junior Road Safety Officers

Here you will find out about the role of the Junior Road Safety Officer, along with lots of advice to help you make everyone aware of the dangers on the road.

What is a Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) ?

Junior Road Safety Officers help their local Road Safety Officer to promote road safety issues within the school and the local community. Each primary school is encouraged to appoint two JRSO’s from Year 5 .

Being a JRSO is a very important job, but it’s also really good fun.

Throughout the year you could be involved in lots of activities.

  • Maintaining a notice board and making sure the road safety information is up to date
  • Talking in an Assembly or in Class on road safety themes
  • Arranging competitions
  • Awarding certificates
  • Using the JRSO website
  • Helping to appoint next year’s JRSO

Are you a JRSO?

Information for JRSO Scheme 2019 – 2020

JRSO Modeshift and STARS

Seat Belt Sheriff campaign

SherrifThe Seat Belt Sheriff encourages all children to fasten their seat belts. As Junior Road Safety Officer you are the seat belt sheriff for your school, and you have the power to appoint your own Road Safety Deputies.

You will need to work with Road Safety Officers from North Yorkshire County Council, who will provide you with a pack to help you with your seat belt sheriff challenge.

You can request the Seat Belt Sheriff to appear at your school and ask for badges for your deputies.

For more information call 08458 727374 and ask to speak to the road safety team.

Get creative and produce your own activities to help other children learn about road safety.

You could produce:

  • Wordsearches
  • Crosswords
  • Anagrams
  • Spot the differences

Contact the road safety team for further information on 01609 780780