Young Drivers


Choose a car

There are questions you need to ask yourself before you buy a car, such as how much can you spend, how much will the insurance cost and what are the running costs? Make sure that you also check that the vehicle you’re thinking of buying hasn’t been reported stolen, involved in a crash or is still subject to finance.


The Honest Truth

There’s more to driving than just passing your test. Driving is a lifelong skill and that skill must be developed over time, long past your driving test! The Honest Truth is about encouraging you to make small changes, that save lives. This section shows you how to make those changes.


Find an instructor

Anyone who charges you for lessons must be approved and registered with the Driving Standards Agency. Although friends and family can help you learn to drive they are not usually a good substitute for a professional instructor whose job is to coach people through their driving test.


Games and activities

Test your driving skills and knowledge with the safety of a reset button, practice here and not behind the wheel. Some great activities to make you think about your attitude to driving.


Young Drivers tips and advice

Information for those lucky enough to have passed and hold their very own licence. Think about further training to build up and enhance those skills you were taught in your lessons. We have a couple of schemes that will not only develop you as a driver, but may reduce your insurance as well.


Passing your test?

The better prepared you are for your test, the easier it will be to pass – there are many factors involved that can make the learning to drive process easier and give you the best chance of passing the practical driving test first time round. Find out what to expect and get yourself ready.

Security aware

Your new car is your pride and joy, so why make it easy for thieves to steal it or the items inside it? Keep everything locked and out of sight. As well as reducing the chance of your car being stolen, all improvements to the security of your car should help to lower your insurance premium.

Winter driving

Driving requires all of your concentration, and even more so when the weather turns bad. You might have had your instructor next to you the last time you had to drive in snow. There are some steps you can take to ensure your winter driving is as safe as your summer driving.


Your MOT

The MOT is an annual test carried out by approved garages. The results will be held on a secure central database and you will need to prove that you have a valid MOT to get your car taxed and insured.