Road signs

Road signs are there to tell you what you ARE allowed to do and what you MUST NOT do.
You need to understand road signs and do what they say.

Signs giving orders

Blue circular signs usually tell you what you must do.
sign_keep left
Keep left
sign_turn left ahead
Turn left ahead
sign_ahead only
Ahead only
sign_mini roundabout
Mini roundabout
(give way to traffic from the right)
Red circular signs usually tell you what you must not do.
sign_no cycling
No cycling
sign_no entry for vehicles
No entry for vehicles
sign_no pedestrains
No pedestrians

Signs giving warnings


sign_school patrol crossing
Children going to or from school


 sign_cycle route ahead
Cycle route ahead
sign_traffic signals aheadTraffic signals ahead
sign_pedestrian crossingPedestrian crossing ahead

Signs giving information

sign_one wayOne way street sign_cycle_recommended routeRecommended route for pedal cycles
 sign_recommended pedestrian routeRoute for pedestrians to place shown  sign_zooTourist attraction