bikesafeBikeSafe is a nationwide police-led motorcyclist casualty reduction initiative that is run by the majority of forces throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Large numbers of riders attend ‘BikeSafe’ sessions annually. BikeSafe works toward Government casualty reduction targets in an effort to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured in road collisions.

‘BikeSafe’ strategy is to engage with post-test riders in a conflict free environment to consider and analyse why motorcycle crashes are happening, including the attitudinal and motivational issues. There are fewer causes than you might imagine with five strong themes emerging throughout the country. Filtering, junctions, cornering, overtaking and group riding are the problem areas. Really obvious things seem to be placing everyday riders in life threatening scenarios.

In the classroom, BikeSafe can offer potential solutions to the most prevalent crash causes and thereafter, following an observed ride element, prepare an individual rider development report which can be taken to a post-test training provider. BikeSafe is about ‘Bridging the Gap’ into accredited training.

Courses are normally two modules, a classroom theory session followed by a two hour observation ride, arranged to suit you, after which you will be given a written assessment of your riding and areas for improvement.

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