Road traffic offences

We want you to enjoy your riding in North Yorkshire and continue to be a responsible and respectful road user. However, if your riding draws attention from the Police, there are a number of potential offences they may stop you for.

The list below is not a definitive list of offences and others can be committed. They can be dealt with in a number of ways and each carry their own penalties from vehicle defect rectification notices and fixed penalty notices to reporting for summons with the possibility of imprisonment if convicted. Some offences may also result in your motorcycle being seized by the police.

  • Lights not working or covered by tinted lenses other than clear or amber
  • Speeding
  • Crossing double white lines
  • Careless riding
  • Dangerous riding
  • Causing death by careless riding
  • Causing death by dangerous riding
  • Causing death while not insured
  • Registration plate not conforming to regulation. (i.e. wrong size / typing wrong style / no registration mark)
  • Exhaust not conforming to regulations (i.e. no baffles / noise exceeds Db limit)
  • Defective tyres (i.e. tread too low)
  • No helmet
  • Tinted visors
  • Contravening road signs
  • No tax
  • No MOT
  • No Insurance
  • No driving licence / riding with a provisional licence