Riding in groups

Riding in groups is often great fun but can be more dangerous than solo riding. Statistically, riding in large groups is more dangerous than in smaller groups or alone. To survive it, you need to plan your journey and use some rules.

  • Maintain a safe distance between the bikes, and increase this in wet weather.
  • Allocate a position for each rider and stick to it. No overtaking in the group.
  • Put the less experienced or slower riders at the front of the group and not the back. This takes the pressure off them to keep up with the group.
  • Make sure the whole group know the route and stopping places.
  • Ride off-set from the bike in front of you. This makes you more visible to other road users and gives you a clear view in front.
  • Always ride within your own capabilities and make your own decisions. Never overtake just because the bike in front has.
  • Swap phone numbers with all of the group. That way you can contact them if you fall behind or the group loses a member.
  • When planning the route, include the route back from the destination to home. Build in breaks every 90 minutes to rest, re-group and refuel.
  • Remember to ride to the bike behind you, not the bike in front. Try to keep the bike behind you in sight; don’t fixate on keeping the leader in sight.

If you need to overtake when out riding, you need to read the road in front. Check how fast the vehicle in front is travelling at and how fast you are travelling. Check for any junctions and approaching traffic ahead, which may pull across your path. Give the other driver time to see you… Never overtake on double white lines, they are there for a reason. Safety!