Car maintenance

  • Get in the habit of taking a quick look around your car before you drive – look for punctures or any fluids underneath the car.
  • Check your tyres regularly when they are cold to ensure they are the right pressure. Also check that the tyre depth is at least 1.6mm.
  • Check your oil when the engine is cold and the car is on level ground. The oil should be between the maximum and minimum level but never as low as the minimum level.
  • Check your coolant when the car is cold and make sure that the water level is between the maximum and minimum level, but never as low as the minimum level.
  • Check your windscreen washers and wipers and make sure the windscreen washer bottle is kept topped up with water and cleaning fluid. If your wiper blades are not clearing well then it’s time to get a new set.
  • Check your battery and make sure the electrodes are covered with water. If you need to top up the water make sure that you use distilled water. If your battery is a sealed system it can be checked by looking at the coloured indicator on the top – look in your handbook to check what colour it should be.
  • Check that all of your lights work correctly and try to carry spare fuses and bulbs in the car.
  • Check that your horn sounds.
  • Keep your windows and mirrors clean.