Medical conditions that may affect driving

Notifiable medical conditions are listed in the DVLA’s information leaflet “What you need to know about driving licences” and include:

  • Any heart condition
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Difficulty in the use of limbs affecting a driver’s ability to control a vehicle.

If you think you have a medical condition which could affect your driving then contact the Drivers Medical Group:

Drivers Medical Group
SA99 1TU
Tel: 0845 850 0095


When contacting the Drivers Medical Group please make sure that you give, or have to hand if contacting by phone, your driver number, full name and date of birth.

It is likely that you will be sent a confidential medical form which you will need to complete, describing your condition.  The DVLA may also require a medical report from your GP or consultant.