Green cross code

To be safe on the road you need to use the Green Cross Code.

  1. Think
  2. Stop
  3. Look and listen
  4. Wait
  5. Look and listen again
  6. Arrive alive

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1. Think

Find a safe place to cross the road. Where possible cross at a:

GXC_SubwayGXC_Footbridge GXC_Zebra GXC_TrafficIsland GXC_Zebra











NEVER cross:


If you can’t see a crossing, remember to cross where you can see in all directions and where drivers will see you.

2. Stop

  • Just before you get to the kerb, stop.
  • Stand on the pavement near the kerb and make sure that you can see the traffic. DO NOT step on to the road.

3. Look

  • Look all around you for traffic. Make sure that you listen carefully for traffic that you can’t see.
  • Check to your right hand side first, then check to your left and then to your right again before you cross.
  • Beware that some roads, called one way streets, have all of the traffic moving in the same direction.
  • Watch out for bicycles or people on rollerblades. You often don’t hear them but they travel very fast.

4. Wait

  • If traffic is coming, let it pass.
  • If you are waiting at a crossing then wait until the cars have stopped or, at pelican, toucan, puffin or pegasus crossings, the green man shows, before you cross.
  • If you are not at a crossing wait until it is safe to cross.
  • Once the traffic has passed look around again and listen.

5. Look and listen again

When it is safe and there is no traffic, walk straight across the road.

Keep looking and listening while you cross the road. Watch out for cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders. Always walk straight across the road, DO NOT walk diagonally.
NEVER run across the road because you might fall over and you might not get up in time.

6. Arrive alive

Look and keep looking while you cross the road.