Other passengers

As a young driver, for every mile you drive you’re four times more likely to be involved in a crash than other drivers. Having a car full of other young people significantly increases this risk.

When you have a car full of passengers take into consideration the fact that your car will react differently with the weight of passengers than when you drive alone.

Having friends in the car can:
  • Distract you when you have not fully mastered your driving skills.
  • Encourage riskier driving behaviours such as drug-driving, drink-driving and speeding.
  • Tempt you to show off.
If you think your friends will distract you when driving, don’t let them in the car. If you do give them a lift then be a real mate – keep them in one piece and don’t try to impress with silly manoeuvres.
Don’t be distracted – give the road your full attention.