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The consequences of falling asleep behind the wheel

If you fall asleep at the wheel, as well as putting your own life at risk, which could leave you dead, seriously injured or even paralysed for life, you could cause death by dangerous driving.


https://www.satipanya.org.uk/2022/08/12/xynf23cp3 Think about it, you having to be dressed, fed and bathed again by your parents, them wiping excess food from around your mouth and you wishing that you hadn’t survived. And that’s if you’re lucky. Worse still, you could kill someone, an innocent person who did everything right but wasn’t prepared for a car to come out of nowhere and take their life away.

If you cause death by dangerous driving you could face:

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  • 14 years’ imprisonment
  • A driving ban for a minimum of 2 years
  • 3 to 11 penalty points on your licence
  • Loss of your job, car and independence
  • The guilt, for the rest of your life.