Motorist responsibilities

With over 2.4 million riders in Great Britain, and with North Yorkshire being such a rural county, horse riders are a frequent sight on our roads.

Make sure that you are considerate and drive safely around horse riders.

  • Watch out for riders being led or ridden on the road, taking extra care at left-hand bends and on narrow country roads.
  • Slow down when you see a horse rider.
  • Give a horse rider plenty of room and be ready to stop.
  • Don’t sound your horn or rev your engine – you could cause the horse to panic.
  • When overtaking pass slowly, leaving plenty of room.
  • Look out for horse riders’ signals and be aware that they may not move to the centre of the road prior to turning right.
  • Treat all horses as a potential hazard and expect the unexpected.
  • If horse riders are riding two abreast then there is probably a good reason for it. The horse on the inside may be young and nervous and needing the security of a steadier horse between them and the traffic, or, the inside rider may be a child or a novice who needs escorting.