Choose the right car

A fuel efficient car can save you money on fuel and tax whilst cutting your car’s C02 emissions by up to 25 percent! You should consider the following when choosing your car:

  • What kind of car do you need? – Think about the size of car you really need and purchase a car with the lowest C02 emissions that meets your requirements. Smaller cars tend to be more fuel efficient and lower emission cars can be eligible for discounts on parking and congestion charges.
  • What is the lowest C02 car in this class? – When choosing a new car, make sure that you check out how much C02 the car emits. There can be a big difference in the emissions of cars in the same market category. Choosing the right car could save you up to 3 months’ fuel cost each year!
  • You can find out about a car’s C02 emissions by visiting ‘Act on C02’, paying attention to the small print on car adverts and examining the car fuel economy label displayed on new cars in showrooms.
  • Which is the best fuel? – Diesel cars usually produce less C02 than petrol equivalents but produce more of the emissions that cause pollution and affect our health. A diesel particulate filter (DPF) reduces these emissions from diesel engines, so if you are purchasing a diesel car check that it has a DPF.
  • Hybrid cars have a conventional engine and an electric motor powered by batteries which are recharged while you drive. Hybrids are around 25 percent more fuel efficient than non-hybrid equivalents although they are usually at their most fuel efficient in urban driving situations.