Drive smarter

Follow the simple tips below to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time as saving money:

  • Check your revs – change up a gear between 2000rpm and 2500rpm.
  • Drive at an efficient speed – the most efficient speed is around 45-50 mph although it does depend on your car. Faster speeds greatly increase your fuel consumption.
  • Read the road – avoid continuous acceleration and braking.
  • Take your foot off the accelerator – by remaining in gear but taking your foot off the accelerator as early as possible when approaching lights, roundabouts or junctions, you will reduce the fuel flow to the engine.
  • Drive your car from cold – modern cars are designed to be driven straight from cold. Warming the engine up just wastes fuel.
  • Check your tyre pressure – by checking your tyre pressure once a week you won’t consume unnecessary fuel.
  • Only use air conditioning when needed – air conditioning makes a big difference to the amount of fuel you use. However, if you are travelling at high speeds it is more cost effective to use air conditioning than to open a window as opening a window increases wind resistance and therefore fuel consumption.
  • Plan your journey – if you plan your journey to avoid congestion and roadworks you won’t waste fuel.
  • Switch off your engine – if you drive a modern car and are waiting in a traffic jam for more than a couple of minutes then switch off your engine.
  • Reduce drag by only driving with the accessories you need – accessories such as roof racks and bike carriers reduce your car’s fuel efficiency.