Keep your car in tip top condition

By carrying out regular, easy checks yourself you can make sure your vehicle is in top condition. As well as costing you less in the long run it means you won’t be driving and carrying your mates in a death trap.

Regularly check:
  • Tyre tread depth – less than 3mm and you’re putting your life at risk. Less than 1.6mm and you could get up to a £2,500 fine and 3 penalty points on your licence. That’s 12 points and a £10k fine if all four are faulty!
  • Tyre pressure – check this when your tyres are cold. And remember, if your tyre pressure’s wrong it increases fuel consumption and costs you more money!
  • Quality of tyres – a crack or bulge in your tyre could cause a serious crash.
  • Brakes – your car should never judder when the brakes are applied and the pedal should feel solid and never sink to the floor.
  • Oil and water levels – you should always make sure that these are okay.
  • Lights – check they are clean and working.
  • Wiper blades – check they are not split.
  • Steering wheel –when you turn your steering wheel the front wheels should move without delay.
  • Suspension – check this by pushing on the corner of your car. The car should bounce back up to position.
Make sure you also regularly service your car. It might cost you initially but it’s cheaper than repairing or buying a new car once it has blown up.