The practical test

You can book a driving test using the DVLA’s online booking service or by calling 0300 200 1122. You can also download an application form and apply by post. You will need a valid provisional driving licence before you apply.

When you report for your test you will need:

  • An insured and licensed vehicle, including L Plates.
  • The theory test pass certificate.
  • Your appointment letter.
  • Both parts of your photo card licence.
The test will take place on public roads and involves you:
  • Taking an eyesight check by reading a number plate from a distance.
  • Being asked some vehicle safety questions.
  • Taking the actual test – this will last approximately 40 minutes. Your examiner will be looking for a safe standard of driving and will look at your ability of reversing round a corner, turning in the road, reverse parking.
During your test you are allowed up to 15 faults but if you get one serious or dangerous fault this will result in failure.