Bike maintenance

Regularly check your:

  • Tyres - ensure that the two contact patches are intact (they should be the size of a credit card)
  • Tyre pressure – always check this with the tyres cold as the pressure increases when hot
  • Brake pad thickness
  • Brake fluid limit – if it starts to drop get it checked out immediately
  • Oil – make sure that you support the bike upright on level ground to allow the oil level to stabilise
  • Chain and sprockets – a loose chain will wear out your sprocket and sap your power
  • Coolant level – it should not fall unless you have a leak
  • Fuel filter – make sure it is not clogged
  • The fluid levels on each chamber of your battery – if any chamber is low, carefully top it up.  Use only distilled or deionised water, not tap water
  • Your lights and horn

Keep your bike clean – if you wash your bike regularly not only will you maintain its value but you are also more likely to spot any loose or damaged parts.