Driving for work

Many young people are now expected to drive whilst at work. Whether you need to get from one office to another, or visit suppliers and customers, make sure that you exercise the same caution when driving for work as you would at other times.

Even if you’re running late it’s far better to arrive in one piece and to appear calm and in control than to arrive flustered and angry after getting a speeding fine or knocking your car, or worse still, not to arrive at all!
Around a third of all crashes are estimated to involve someone who was at work at the time and up to 1,000 lives are lost in the UK each year through driving for work.
When driving for work, make sure that you:
  • Check out your employer’s ‘driving at work’ policy and talk to your employer about driving assessment and training.
  • Check your vehicle and make sure it is well maintained – this saves time in the long run and helps avoid accidents.
  • Plan your journey well and allow yourself plenty of time – this will help avoid the temptation of speeding and trying to read maps whilst driving. It also costs you less if you don’t speed.
  • Ensure that you switch off your mobile phone while driving – if you are an employer and you call someone who is driving, which results in them crashing, you could end up in prison.
  • Wear a seat belt at all times – despite contrary belief, van and goods vehicles are only exempt from wearing seat belts when making deliveries less than 50 metres apart.
  • Programme your destination into a satellite navigation system before you start your journey – not when you’re already on the road.
  • Don’t speed – it really isn’t worth you being fined and getting points on your licence and it’s better to arrive late than not to arrive at all! 
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