ACTION is being taken to slam the brakes on motorists speeding through a village.

A community speed watch initiative has been set-up at Cononley, after concerns from residents.

And since the scheme was launched in July, North Yorkshire Police have issued more than 140 advisory letters to motorists clocked exceeding the limit.

The highest speed recorded so far by the volunteer team is 34mph. Most of the village is covered by a 20mph limit.

Kath Clark, lead for the community speed watch group, said she hoped drivers were getting the message.

“Unfortunately, Cononley is used as a rat-run on a daily basis and traffic volumes and speeds have been worryingly increasing over the years.

“Hopefully the message is now getting through and drivers are taking more care through the village.”

Calls for action were made earlier this year after a string of minor accidents and near-misses.

A petition signed by more than 500 people was presented in March to the parish council, which – with the police – supported the setting-up of the residents’ speed watch scheme.

The initiative operates in Crosshills Road, but there are plans to extend it to Cononley Lane and other roads in the village.

Details of any vehicles caught speeding are reported to the police, who then issue the letters.

“The main purpose of community speed watch is to draw drivers’ attention to speed limits in areas where people say it is affecting their quality of life,” added Mrs Clark.

“It has been positively received by the residents of Cononley.”


Story courtesy of Craven Herald