What is Intelligent Speed Adaptation?

The technology enables drivers to select an option where acceleration is stopped automatically at the speed limit specific to any road.

The device can be disabled at the touch of a button, at which point it reverts to an advisory status where the current, legal speed limit is simply displayed as a driver aid.

There is also a complete override switch with disables the system entirely.

Its developers say ISA is intended as a road safety device, but it could have additional benefits.

These include reducing congestion as a result of collisions, and cutting vehicle emissions as drivers adopt a smoother driving style

Road safety campaigners want anti-speeding technology fitted to all cars after a rise in the number of crashes caused by breaking the limit.

Exceeding the speed limit was a factor in 291 crashes in Scotland last year, a rise of 26% since 2013.

Travelling too fast for the conditions contributed to 510 accidents, according to the road safety charity Brake.

The group has now called for all new cars to have Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) fitted as standard.

The system shows the speed limit of the road a person is driving on and can control the speed of the vehicle.

Brake also wants a default 20mph limit in all built-up areas, as well as increased police enforcement.

Campaigners are making the call as part of Road Safety Week.

Courtesy of BBC News