THINK! has launched a new child road safety campaign and accompanying resources, with the first phase focusing on pupils aged three to six years.

The campaign, launched to coincide with the start of Road Safety Week 2017 (20-26 Nov), features a suite of new education resources including ‘easy to follow’ lesson plans, two new films co-created with school children, and a song. The new resources are designed to make teaching road safety in schools easier and more accessible.

The new campaign is launched on the back of a recent THINK! survey which revealed that 67% of children get fewer than two hours of road safety education in their whole time at school.

The first documentary-style film follows a group of pupils as they show how to cross the road safely after first learning to use the ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Think’ code.

The second film follows six children on their different journeys to school which include walking, cycling and scooting. The children give their top tips for getting to school safely, in the form of a road safety song.

The second and third phases of the campaign – aimed at pupils aged seven to 12 years and 13 to 16 years respectively – will follow in the new year.

These new resources follow a long tradition of THINK! child road safety campaigns spanning several generations and featuring well-known characters and individuals including the family of Hedgehogs, Kevin Keegan, James Earl Jones (the voice of Darth Vader) and David Prouse as the Green Cross Code Man.

THINK! says its ‘iconic’ campaigns have helped reduce child road deaths by 90% since 1979.

Courtesy of Road Safety GB