Detectives at North Yorkshire Police have joined forces with the Royal Military Police in an innovative collaboration to share crime-fighting skills.

Members of the Royal Military Police (RMP) have been working with Northallerton CID to learn more about how the force investigates serious offences.

In return, North Yorkshire detectives discovered more about policing military communities – the county has the biggest military community in the UK and in Northern Europe.

Inspector Matt Wilkinson, of Northallerton CID, said: “Policing is all about constantly acquiring new skills and new knowledge, and this is an excellent way to share both.

“It’s a really positive collaboration, and interesting to see areas where our skills overlap but also explore areas where each force can share its specific expertise with the other.

“Ultimately, the communities that both forces serve will benefit from this, so it’s a win all round.”

Royal Military Police Staff Sgt Russell (centre) with members of Northallerton CID


The RMP officers are from the Special Investigation Branch, which works on complex and serious crimes in the military.

The RMP Head of Crime visited Northallerton CID on Tuesday (27 Sept) to see how the partnership is working and meet Detective Superintendent Fran Naughton, who presented a commendation to the first RMP staff sergeant to work with her team.

Staff Sergeant Elizabeth Russell – who has around 20 years’ experience in the RMP – was commended by North Yorkshire Police for her outstanding work with the force, including in victim support and evidence gathering while working with vulnerable witnesses.

Her attachment was for three months and started in April, and a second attachment with a new officer – Staff Sergeant Michael Bennett – has just begun.

DS Naughton (left) presents a commendation to Staff Sgt Russell