Speed Management Protocol

We want everyone to be able to use our roads safely whether they cycle, walk, drive or ride and whether they use the roads for work or leisure.

We share your concerns about speeding motorists who do not share our roads with others in a responsible and considerate way. We work to address people’s concerns, to reduce casualties and to improve the safety and quality of life for people who live and travel in North Yorkshire.

Working with our 95 Alive Road Safety Partnership organisations, we have developed a Speed Management Protocol so that residents can raise concerns about speeding and see how they will be assessed and responded to. This is the same whether the complaint is from a parish or district council, a resident, or has been raised as a concern by a local police officer or school governor.

How do we assess if there is a speeding issue at an identified site?

In order to provide a proportionate response, an objective means of assessment of localised sites of concern and complaints has been developed. This is what we look at:

related collisions record
Speed data
Collision and casualty records for the previous three years is checked. Sites are ranked as low or high based on the previous collision history. The severity of the collision (fatal, serious, or slight) is used to provide this ranking, every injury causing crash is included, not just fatalities. This is collected using automatic counting equipment and conducted over a period of at least seven days. We consider: Mean (average) speed – provides a good overall indication of the speed environment 85th percentile speed – by calculating the speed that 85% of drivers travel at or below, we know how the majority of drivers are driving at that place.

Based on the data obtained from the sources above, each road is then categorised using a scale of 1 – 4, with 1 being the highest priority, as shown in the following table:

Category Speed Casualties Priority Likely treatment
1 High High High Higher level enforcement
Consider engineering measures – feed into high priority sites assessment
2 Low High Medium Higher level enforcement
Consider engineering measures – feed into high priority sites assessment
3 High Low Low Low level enforcement
Consider engineering
Use of Matrix signs
4 Low Low/none Low No further agency action

If you think that traffic is speeding at a specific place and you want us to do something about it, first check the list of places we have already assessed.

If we have already assessed this site within the last 3 years we will not normally do another survey unless something substantial has changed, such as a junction has been changed or a new housing or business development has gone in.

To see a summary of the locations and outcomes of speed concern assessments we have already assessed, you can download the Speed Management Protocol data log, an Excel spreadsheet that contains all of the data we have recorded at each location we have investigated. In order to comply with data protection we have only removed personal information.

To report a site where speeding is causing concern, download and complete the Speed Concern Form below and email to: speedconcerns@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

Or post to:-
North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau
PO Box 809
YO31 6dg