The UK’s first 3D zebra crossing – designed to give the impression that passing vehicles are about to drive over a ramp – has been installed in Westminster.

The new crossing, located in St John’s Wood, is being trialled over a 12-month period by Westminster City Council – who says 3D zebra crossings ‘could be the future of road safety’.

A ‘dual directional’ floating effect makes the crossing more visible to drivers and encourages them to slow down.

Similar crossings have already been tested in other countries including Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States – and New Delhi in India, where evaluation suggests average speeds dropped by as much as 40%.

However, Westminster Council says this is the first time the ‘major new safety measure has been tried out in the UK’.

Westminster City Council says if the trials prove successful, the new crossings could be rolled out across the rest of the borough.

Cllr Tim Mitchell, Westminster City Council’s cabinet member for environment and city management, said: “Our 3D zebra crossing could be the future of road safety across the country and once again Westminster City Council is at the forefront in innovation in bringing this type of crossing to the UK.

“Far from being simply a brilliant innovation that makes the ordinary look eye-grabbing and modern – the 3D effect helps drivers to see the crossing easier.”

Courtesy of Road Safety GB