Biker Down! regional logos RGB_North Yorkshire - no strap colour If you were the first on the scene of an accident involving a biker, would you know what to do? Would you know who is most at risk, how to protect the area or whether you should remove the helmet of a downed rider?Actions taken in the first few moments after an accident can be crucial in minimising injuries and can make a real difference to the lives of those involved. But there can be some uncertainty about what to do in these situations.

Biker Down is a free training course run by bikers for bikers, designed to answer these uncertainties. The course uses the expertise of the Emergency Services and Road Safety Officers to prepare motorcyclists should the worst happen on the roads.

The course is aimed at motorcyclists of all ages and experience. The free course offers people the chance to learn practical skills to help avoid being involved in a crash, as well as essential first-aid training and advice on what to do should they find themselves first on the scene of a crash where someone is injured.

Biker Down – course content

This is a FREE three hour course that covers the following topics:

  • Crash Scene Management – advice from emergency service personnel on how to protect a casualty and other road users who may have stopped to assist.
  • Casualty Care – a motorcycle specific input, looking at basic lifesaving skills such as CPR, airway management and helmet removal (when & how).
  • The Science of Being Seen – a session looking at conspicuity issues and the classic SMIDSY situations.

New Course Dates 2022 

  • Scarborough Fire Station on the 26/03/2022 Times are 0900-1300
  • Tadcaster Fire Station on the 17/04/2022. Times are 0900-1230
  • Selby Fire Station on the 28/05/2022. Times are 0900-1230
  • Whitby Fire Station on the 11/06/2022.  Times are 0900-1300
  • Huntington Fire Station on the 13/08/2022. Times are 0900-1230
  • Malton Fire Station on the 24/09/2022.  Times are 0900-1300

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