National Bike Week , 9-15th June, sees a host of activities happening in communities and schools, see below for ideas how to get your local school in the saddle:

Top tips and ideas for organising a ‘Big Bike Day’ at school

  • Organise a day well in advance and go ahead whatever the weather!
  • ‘Dr Bike’ – ask a local bike shop if they can come and fix small things like punctures on the spot, and give estimates for larger repairs.
  • Early involvement from the whole school helps. Working on maps fits the curriculum.
  • Print a personalised map of your school and the surrounding area, and see mapping lesson idea
  • Speak to your local NYCC Road Safety Officer regarding Bikeability Cycle Training (0845 8727374).
  • The emphasis is on the whole family. Getting large numbers of families reduces the embarrassment factor. All the wobbly mums and dads are in it together.
  • Free bacon butties for bikers is an incentive for adults and children alike.
  • A raffle for a new bike is a big incentive. Every set of handlebars coming onto the site gets a raffle ticket (e.g. a tandem gets 2). If you bring 2 adults and a sister you get quadruple your chance. You will need local sponsorship for prizes.
  • Organise fun cycling activities and games on the playground.
  • A parental permission form is a useful way of estimating numbers of participants.
  • Helmets and high visibility clothing are recommended. The best person to judge whether a route is safe is the person who knows the child best, i.e. the parents / carers.
  • Sustrans
  • Le Tour – Cycle Yorkshire education pack
  • Have fun!